Monday, July 07, 2014

Our first family camping trip

In June we took our first family camping trip to WuLing Farm.  We had such a great time and were blessed to only have rain on the first day there.  The weather was PERFECT, warm but not too hot, so much less humid than down at sea level, and nice and cool at night!  
Joey trying to protect our tent from some local pests.
These are the local pests.  Cute but trouble!
Our crew.  We actually camped with Sandy while the rest of her fam was backpacking in the mountains.
The boys spent lots of time chasing monkeys away.
Mater was there, too.
We hiked 4.3km each way to see this beautiful waterfall!
It was worth the hike!
My 5:30am coffee buddy.  Man is it hard to sleep in a tent once the sun comes up.  It was worth the early morning to spend some time with my oldest.
And this is how my kids spent the majority of their time.  They love playing games!!

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